Special Flowers for specific occasions

Flowers have been playing a very important role in daily lives of all people. They are such a blessing from a God that no one can ever thank for it as precious they are. It is said that flowers are make people happier, better and fresh they actually have strength to sunshine, food and medicine to the soul. See this is how strong flowers are. They do not only affect people physically and apparently but also nourishes the soul from inside. Actually it is simple when a person is happy the pleasure makes the soul to rejoice too. Flowers are provided in so much variety to us by Mother Nature and then each and every of the flower has been given a different message and meaning so you can just deliver your message through the flowers and you do not need to say anything when flowers have taken up. There are so many events and occasions when flowers are gifted to the people around us to whom we love. There is a whole list of events like;



Birthday Flowers:

Birthdays are the most celebrated event each day all over the world. Thousands of people celebrate their birthday everyday through out the whole world. Millions of flowers are gifted each day over such an occasion and different messages are delivered through different flowers. Send a message and wishes of bright upcoming year by sending flowers.



Anniversaries Flowers:

After birthdays another celebrated event that comes on personal level is anniversaries celebrated by people. In anniversaries too not only the couple would love to gift each other flowers but they would definitely like to receive flowers from all of their friends and family.



Wedding Flowers:

Than comes the weddings. Weddings are celebrated worldwide too and no matter to whatever religion they belong to the flowers play their role. Flowers are used in weddings everywhere whether it’s a church or a wedding hall where a catholic couple is getting married, A place where Hindus are getting married or whether it’s a Muslim wedding. All use flowers as mean of decoration for wedding and any wedding is incomplete until and unless flowers are made part of it.


Now let’s come to the role of flowers in the internationally celebrated day like, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Christmas, Easter and other days like these. These are the special days one everyone express their happiness and tell the other person that how precious they are for them and how they just bring in the cherish moments into their lives.  Valentines is an internationally celebrated day that holds record of most flower gifting event. Actually this event is all about expressing love to your loved ones by gifting roses in different colors and giving gifts like chocolates and stuffed bears.


There are lots of ideas and ways in which you can make all these moments and events special. How you can just make things go different over these occasions and even in daily life, you will just have to log in to www.flowers-magzine.com for a wide range of information and tips regarding flowers and gardening.


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Flowers & Flowers

“The splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not rob the little violet of its scent or the daisy of its simple charm. If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness.”  How real depiction of flowers and spring this quote brings to us. Floral bouquets are supposed to be the best gifts ever given to the people. Here is some information regarding the meaning of different flowers so you can choose the right floral arrangement for your loved ones with the correct message delivered.


  1. Camellia graciousness
  2. Carnation
    • Pink                 gratitude
    • Red                  flashy
    • Stripped           refusal
    • White               remembrance
    • Yellow             cheerful
  3. Daisy innocence
  4. Forget-Me-Not remember me forever
  5. Gardenia Joy
  6. Daffodil chivalry
  7. Heather solitude
  8. Hyacinth sincerity
  9. Jasmine grace and elegance
  10. Lavender distrust
  11. Orchid delicate beauty
  12. Rose
    • pink                   friendship
    • red                     passionate love
    • white                 purity
    • yellow               zealous
  13. Tulip
    • pink                   caring
    • purple                royalty
    • red                     declaration of love
    • white                forgiveness
    • yellow              hopelessly in love
    • violet                faithfulness


Now this can prove to be a great help for you. Now customize all the floral bouquets that you want to gift to someone keeping in view the meanings of flowers and message conveyed through each of these. You may even ask the person to try to decode the message sent by you and this will prove to be really interesting for them for sure. The essence of gifting flowers is enhanced when it is made keeping the message to be sent in consideration because that gives it a new life.


This is a short list of few flowers. This and a huge list of more flowers and there meanings can be found at our site www.flowers-magzine.com where you can get much more information related to flowers and gardening.

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